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helpful garage door repair and services tipsWhen it comes to garage door openers remember that the most expensive openers are usually not the most reliable. There are some very inexpensive openers that I prefer to use for the simple reason that I rarely have to go back to do a free service call. By trial and error I have found a narrow window of openers that I recommend.

I will install any opener, yours or mine. But I can cover not just labor and workmanship but parts too if I install an opener I bring to the job.

When getting complete door and opener prices make sure that it includes all new hardware and parts then check to make sure that none of your old door or opener was used. You may think it’s silly to ask but its better that being sorry later.

Do I need a permit?

Why get a permit when replacing your garage door?

Well first of all it is a requirement. And insurance companies can drop your coverage if you do not show proper documentation on your garage door. In some cases the insurance companies standard is higher than the county. You need someone in your corner. All garage door installs must receive city or county inspection and approval.

Why some try to avoid permits:

Among several reasons the most obvious is a lack of proper licensing by the company. Also if they know the job will not be inspected, this allows them to cut corners. Without an outside party you simply must take their word that that the door complies and that the drawing you are given are correct. And of course getting permits cost money and is a real hassle and who want that? But it is for your protection.

Your door does not have to be replaced just because it does not meet county wind codes.

Any repair or opener replacement of a automatic opener does not require a permit.

Never pay a fee to haul away the old door or opener.

Many colors and styles are available. Call for other prices. Prices are subject to change.



If you’re in the middle of installing or programming your own opener or you are trying to troubleshoot your own door or opener problems I will be happy to talk you through any reasonably basic problem so you can avoid a service call fee.

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